Betting Odds Fixed

Betting Odds Fixed

How much does your subscriptions cost?
You can find our pricing plan for each package on this page

How can I get access to your free tips?
Our free tips are posted every day. You can check here in this category free soccer predictions.

I have bought your tips. What I have to do now?
After the payment is approved you will automatically receive them into your Email / WhatsApp or Telegram.

How guaranteed are your tips?
We provide well researched tips by a team of seasoned experts. All in all we score over 90% in our picks

Do I get a refund for failed predictions?
At footballinsider.global, we send you tips everyday for the duration of your subscription. If a tip fails today, be rest assured that we would do our best to make it up for you the next day.

If you have more questions please do not hesitate to contact us:

Email: fedort852@gmail.com
WhatsApp/Telegram: +7 937 765-44-54

Betting Odds Fixed